#1 Indoor Flag Football League von jackneeson 17.07.2018 11:17


There is an indoor flag football league at the Riverplex that starts January 3rd. It looks like right now that there will be 10 teams in this very competitive league. The league can always add more teams though so if any of you on these boards would like to get a team together it is a BLAST! Its similar to high school 7 on 7, except its 6 on 6 and everyone is an elegible reciever. There is also a lot of very good athletes down there too. It is similar to the outdoor league at Detweiler in the fall but little less aggressive. But, I thought i would get the word out there so maybe another team would get started. All one would have to do would be to go the riverplex website or call and ask about the indoor flag football. I hope this doesnt sound too much like a shameless plug, becuase i actually work as a trainer at another gym, but I just think it would be more fun if there were more teams.

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